A trained, professional audio engineer will meet with you to get an understanding of what your goals are and then advise you on how to best accomplish those goals.

System Evaluating:

A thorough evaluation is done of your current media system to determine how your system interacts with all other components. The stage setting and room acoustics are considered along with the quality, efficiency and longevity of the equipment.

Maintenance of Equipment:

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep a system running at its best. We offer a variety of maintenance plan options. Most systems can be maintained by a monthly or quarterly system check and cleaning.


One of the ways to make the most of your audio system is to properly train those who use it. We offer training classes giving detailed instruction and time for hands on experience while the instructor is present.

Purchasing and Integrating:

When new equipment and other materials are needed we have the wholesale connections and direct purchasing abilities to make that happen. We will find what best fits your needs, purchase it, deliver it and integrate it into your system for you. Worry Free Installation!

Set Design and Construction:

We can customize your stage settings, room décor and control rooms to meet the acoustical and aesthetic goals of your venue.

Assistance with Productions and Events:

We have many resources and connections to help meet your needs. When a special event or production requires more than what you or your system is capable of we are able to assist you with operators and equipment.

Front of House Operating:

When needed we can provide you with personnel to operate your front of house.





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